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coming soon to Stratford Circus, March 2019

A Musical story about love, family and becoming who you were always meant to be.


Ayo-Dele tells her story of her identity, love, fear, relationships, migration and growing up with two different cultures. 

We follow the story back and forth in time from childhood through to young adulthood, in London and Nigeria, with storytelling and song as Ayo-Dele inhabits different characters who have influenced her life both positively and negatively.

The songs featured are from her debut album ‘Forever Becoming’ which is available to download from iTunes.


Audience Feedback

“She narrated a heart warming story of her experiences growing up as a Nigerian child both in the UK and in Nigeria.”

“She has an amazingly rich tone to her voice”

“I loved it! An emotional piece. Not “boo-hoo tears” emotional but DEEP emotional and thought provoking emotional and self evaluating emotional

“Monologues delivered with power, humour and insight with melodic singing and “on-point” musical accompaniment.




There’s enough room for all of us to ‘BE’ I see the vastness of the sky & the fact that birds fly without ever colliding. I also see creativity in the same way. We are diversely gifted to impact our world. This song is about being bold enough to follow your dreams.
— Ayo-Dele