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Mary Prince was born into enslavement in the British Caribbean during 1790’s and toiled most of her years. Hers was the first narrative of an enslaved female published in Britain and helped to bring the slave trade to an end.

SOLD is a cultural explosion of song, passionate dramatic narrative and storytelling theatre.

Mary’s ground-breaking autobiography was published in 1831. Her often candid accounts of life as an enslaved woman in the British West Indies shocked readers, and became an important tool in the abolitionist movement. Her narrative is the basis for this solo show – which at its heart celebrates the power of hope, change and freedom.

In today’s world when a celebrity can publicly say that 400 years of slavery is a lifestyle choice, Mary’s story and her words prove that it was anything but.

Kuumba Nia Arts continue to bring African people’s stories, historical and contemporary, to life in this piece. Writer and performer Amantha Edmead and director Euton Daley take the audience on a journey of Mary’s words, their imaginations, rituals and song. Audiences can engage with Mary’s story, witness her feelings and hear her message.

In the light of the I Can’t Breathe and Black Lives Matter campaigns, and the recent Windrush scandal, the uncomfortable legacy of transatlantic slavery lives on. Mary’s story is universal and still relevant today.

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to Mar 9


"I am forever becoming. Growing from strength to strength, learning, changing, daily unfolding..."

Ayo-Dele was born in London, and moved to Nigeria when she was 4, living with various members of the extended family. When she was 10 she moved back to London and started school. She was made fun of for having a different name. "Ayo-Dele means joy has come home" her mum said.

The events that take place in our lives, shape us into who we become.

Becoming is a musical drama that combines storytelling and original songs to bring to life Ayo-Dele Edwards' story of growing up across two continents. Inhabiting the different characters who have influenced her life, she explores identity, love, fear, family relationships and migration. The songs featured in the performance are from her debut album Forever Becoming.

Created with support from Stratford Circus Arts Centre and Arts Council England.

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to Jul 21

The Secret Lives Of Baba Segi's Wives

★★★★★ “Nothing short of spectacular” — The Guardian

★★★★ The Stage   ★★★★ WhatsOnStage   ★★★★ Evening Standard

“Men are like yam, you cut them how you like.”

Baba Segi has three wives, seven children, and a mansion filled with riches. But now he has his eyes on Bolanle, a young university graduate wise to life’s misfortunes. When Bolanle responds to Baba Segi’s advances, she unwittingly uncovers a secret which threatens to rock his patriarchal household to the core.

The Secret Lives of Baba Segi’s Wives is a scandalous, engrossing tale of sexual politics and family strife in modern-day Nigeria. Lola Shoneyin’s bestselling novel bursts on to the stage in a vivid adaptation by Caine Award-winning playwright Rotimi Babatunde.

Femi Elufowoju, jr directs a multi-talented West African ensemble in the UK premiere production, featuring live Yoruba music, songs and dance.

Secret lives.......jpg
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I love my Home In Peckham
to Oct 27

I love my Home In Peckham

NitroVoX are coming to Theatre Peckham – a new home for their thought-provoking and challenging work, reflecting on change and its impact on the southeast London communities of Peckham, Camberwell and East Dulwich. 

We’ve been talking. We’ve been talking about change. Neighbourhoods are changing and it seems we are experiencing “urban squeeze”. Top to bottom, left to right, in and out.

Protest and Struggle is an ongoing series of verbatim pieces looking at regeneration and gentrification. This music theatre series was created and developed through conversations with communities and local groups who have shared their stories with us.

The performances of this show will take place on Thursday 19th October @ 7.30PM & Friday 27th October @ 7PM. 

NitroVoX have also developed two workshops based on the show and are looking to work withmembers from Theatre Peckham, exploring the theme of change in their community. If you are interested in taking part in these workshops and are 11-16 then please book here. There are ONLY 15 spaces to take part in the workshops so book now to avoid disappointment! 

Tickets are available here

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2:30 PM14:30

Shadows In Different Shades

A new work by Moji Kareem, Utopia Theatre directed by Tim Trimington, written by Dipo Agboluaje.


Shadows in Different Shades is about a woman journey to better understand her mother so that she can communicate better with her daughter. Exploring the challenges and the joys of life.

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to Nov 11

Towards The Sun


This year’s piece consists of four short poems by four black female writers, collectively titled TOWARDS THE SUN and on the themes of dreams (Patricia Cumper MBE) change (Paula B Stanic) love (Louisa Adjoa Parker) and hope (Chino Odimba) Accompanied by acapella songs arranged by musical director Allyson Devenish, and directed by Anna Coombs, with art by commissioned artist Adebayo Bolaji


This event is free, but you must register.



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to Oct 26

The Hotel Cerise


Set in Michigan, USA. 2016.

As America's first black president ends his eight years in office - Anita Mountjoy risks losing her family's beloved hotel and cherry orchard, where Martin Luther King rested and Miles Davis played.  Are the family keepers of this proud history, or simply trapped by its ghosts?  Can 'the audacity of hope' survive?

Bonnie Greer's new play is set in and around the Hotel Cerise - a famous retreat for middle class black people during the time of segregation. It's a landmark and symbol - a place where Black America once felt welcome and safe...



‘Greer is clearly a writer of imagination’
The Times


Tickets available via link below Must End 12th Nov 2016


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to Sep 30

Iyalode Of Eti - 2016 Tour

A Reimagining of The Duchess of Malfi


Utopia Theatre presents the world premiere of Iyalode of Eti by Debo Oluwatuminu. Inspired by John Webster’s masterpiece The Duchess of Malfi, this is a unique reinvention of a classic. Set in pre-colonial Yoruba land, Iyalode of Eti transforms the Jacobean drama of the original into an enchanting, lyrical theatrical experience that is fresh, dynamic, and surprising. Rich language, bold characterisations, and thrilling storytelling carry the audience into an atmospheric world that is presented with startling intimacy and electric physicality. As visual as it is verbal, with the rhythms, flavours, colours, and myths of the Yoruba driving the intricate plotting, this is contemporary performance that blurs formal boundaries and transcends geographical borders. Ancient storytelling techniques mesh with modern physical theatre. Music, chant, dance and poetry are woven into an engrossing whole. Iyalode of Eti is classical theatre reborn, universal theatre for a global audience.


The recently widowed Iyalode longs to marry her lover Oguntade. But her scheming and controlling brothers forbid their union. When Iyalode secretly marries Oguntade, their love and lives are threatened. Iyalode of Eti is the story of how a woman asserts her strength and fights for her heart in a land ruled by men. An English play is retold as an African mystical fable riddled with rituals, hauntings, double-crossings, playful levity, and potent tragedy.



West Yorkshire Playhouse: September 22 – 24,  7 PM; Sat. matinee at 2 PM

Book tickets

Sheffield Theatres (Crucible Studio): September 26 – 28, 7 PM

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Cast in Doncaster: September 29 – 30, 7 PM

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Labake Confronts Esubiyi     Photo credit: Robling Photography
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4:30 PM16:30

The Secret Lives Of Baba Segi's Wives



In 2014, Actor, Theatre Director and BBC Radio producer, Femi Elufowoju Jr formed the ‘Elufowoju jr Ensemble’ in a bid to research and develop Nigerian theatre. Lola Shoneyin’s, THE SECRET LIVES OF BABA SEGI’S WIVES, was adapted for the stage by Caine Award winning playwright Rotimi Babatunde. It first premiered in Lagos, Abeokuta, 2 years ago and now Femi directed/workshopped a pilot version.

The Elufowoju jr Ensemble has brought together an all British-Nigerian cast which brings Lola Shoneyin's critically acclaimed book "e Secret Lives of Baba Seg's Wives" to life and it has succeeded spectacularly. The production combined choreography, music (composed by Oyebade Dosunmu) and movement vocabulary (Uche Onah) together with balanced direction and energetic acting to create a visual delight on stage.

Meet Baba Segi . . .
A plump, vain, and prosperous middle-aged man of robust appetites, Baba Segi is the patriarch of a large household that includes a quartet of wives and seven children. But his desire to possess more just might be his undoing.

And his wives . . .
Iya Segi—the bride of Baba Segi's youth, a powerful, vindictive woman who will stop at nothing to protect her favored position as ruler of her husband's home.
Iya Tope—Baba Segi's second wife, a shy, timid woman whose decency and lust for life are overshadowed by fear.
Iya Femi—the third wife, a scheming woman with crimson lips and expensive tastes who is determined to attain all that she desires, no matter what the cost.

Bolanle—Babi Segi's fourth and youngest wife, an educated woman wise to life's misfortunes who inspires jealousy in her fellow wives . . . and who harbors a secret that will expose shocking truths about them all.



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